As the campaign for gender equity continue soar across the world, a group of civil rights activists in Nigeria have called for increased use of technology in advancing equal citizens participation and democratic development
in Nigeria.
This call was made by panelists at a virtual town hall meeting convened by TechHerNg to highlight the critical role of technology in advancing positive causes.
Addressing the panelists, Gbenga Sesan of Paradigm initiative, speaking On citizens participation in the federal government’s planned clampdown on social media, berated the agenda as counter-productive.
“The government attempting to shut down the internet only creates more problems for it through the black market of information that cannot be muzzled.
He further maintained that what we need are laws that can help us seek and gain redress when our rights are infringed upon.
Gbenga however warned that such misadventure from the basis of inclusiveness will hurt the nation even more.
Meanwhile Cynthia Mbamalu, Director of Program at the youth-led YIAGA Africa, and member of the strategic team of #NotTooYoungtoRun
Movement, speaking on women’s participation in democratic campaigns, said the success recorded by women-led movements were as a result of principles that are human-faced, hence they stay the cause without getting distracted.
“When women are part of a movement, they remain focused on issues; they are the livewires as well as the “think and do” component as we saw in the, Montgomery Boycott, Bring Back Our Girls, & #EndSARS protests.
Yemi Adamolekun of EiE Nigeria who also echoed her concerns for gender equity in Nigeria, posited that changing the narratives for all citizens needs a conscious determination and staying power to make change happen.
“Until the hunted can write their stories, the narratives will always favour the hunter. This means we need to be more intentional about using technology to tell the stories of women,” she charged.
Executive Director of TechHerNG, Chioma Agwuegbo in her closing remarks, admonished all stakeholders to continue to amplify their voices in the fight for gender equity and inclusiveness.