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Nigeria constitution is true reflection of Christian law in the conceptual framework of common law and within the premises of equity. One need to understand barometer of: legal sociology, legal philosophy, legal psychology, legal literature, legal economic history and legal political history. These are fundamentals behind: provision of law, interpretation of law and technicality of law. Nigeria constitution is true reflection of: customary law, regional political history appraisal, social legal integration and economic interdependence projection under conceptual analysis of public and administrative law within the framework of constitutionalism.


Nigeria is constitutionally divided into two North and South. North stand for Arabic education while South stand for western education in prehistoric and colonial era time. The legal philosophy thereby embraces unity of North with South through amalgamation Principle that bring about inscription of Arabic in our currency in line with English language to justify legal sociology and legal economic interdependence within the framework of constitutionalism.


Arabic inscription represents north in general while English language represents South in general under legal history and legal literature. Legal history and legal literature is therefore true representation of federalism within procedural ethics of legal sociological history. Inscription of Arabic in Nigeria currency does not against true federalism nor kick against conceptual framework of secularism.


If claim of Arabic inscription in Nigeria currency is regarded as unlawful therefore general constitution of Nigeria will be seen as unlawful because our colonial masters were Christian and legal system introduced to use was absolutely motivated by Christian law under the pretence of common law philosophy and equity tradition.


Nigeria constitution is purely Christian constitution under common law philosophy and equity tradition. Sharia law falls under customary law. Each region have their customary law. Under legal conflict analysis common law is greater than customary law. Constructively Christian law called Nigeria constitution is purely greater than any existing customary law in Nigeria. This simply means Nigeria is a Christian nation under Christian constitution. Challenging Arabic inscription in Nigeria currency is regarded as a means of creating religious crisis.


Federalism is barometer of: tolerance, understanding, peace, coexistence, patience, perseverance, love and unity. Lawyer challenging Arabic inscription in Nigeria currency need more knowledge about wedlock law in sociological content and interplay of legal system in political and economic context. He needs advance knowledge and understanding of Nigeria: political history, economic history, integration philosophy, legal psychic evaluation, templates of provision of law, standard evaluation of legal interpretation and legal literature in the context of legal technicality.


Nigeria and Nigerians need peace and unity. We don’t need need religious crisis nor civil war again. We need to learn our lessons from 1967_1970 civil war. Law is wisdom that goes beyond knowledge and intelligence.


Application of knowledge and intelligence in law without absolute application of legal wisdom will never bring meaningful results but lead to unnecessary crisis. Love is law . law is peace. Law is coexistence. Law is unity . law is Grace in life and life in Grace.

May God help us.